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More Add to Carts than Your Current Numbers


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Shoppable Videos

We make your existing videos shoppable and yes! Instagram reels too. In-video shopping can significantly lift your website sales. Now your website can keep customers engaged and make your customers your loyal customers

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Live Streaming

Engage and convert your customers through live streams on your platform. Through live stream, you can multiply your impressions and engagements, and hence multiple your sales

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Social Shareable Links

We create a social friendly link for all your videos and livestream, your customer can share on Facebook or Whatsapp which can bring high quality traffic on your website and increase your brand reach and conversion.

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360 degree Analytics

Get end to end tracking of the complete user funnel be it any event, video views, click, add to cart, or even purchase. Our dashboard will help you with the complete analytics.

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Integrate In Less Than 30 Seconds.

When users visit your website, you can give them the experience they get from Instagram or Facebook with vertical, short-form video and livestream on your website, maximizing their intent to engage and buy.

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Choose a pricing plan or talk to our team for the right pricing plan that suits your business needs. First 14 days is all free.



Upto 2k video views

  • Upto 5 videos
  • Website integration
  • Video management dashboard
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Video analytics
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Custom price

  • Unlimited videos and views
  • Live streaming studio
  • Multistream to Facebook and Youtube
  • Custom video overlays
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